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MX Chock Cradle only

  • $75.00

The MX Chock

  • Adapts your Sport Chock to MX tires
  • Standard Sport Upper will work with MX tires already
  • Built to fit narrow MX tires or other narrow tires, rim sizes 17" to 21".
  • Rugged, beautiful powdercoat.
  • Holes in cross brace for bolting down to a trailer.
  • Stays put on garage floor when entering.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • PATENTED (#6,640,979)
  • Made in the USA.

The MX Chock is based on our great Sport Chock but with narrower shoes to accommodate those motorcycles with skinny front tires. From classics to MX to drag bikes, the new MX Chock will fit them perfectly. The shoes can interchange with the shoes on the regular Sport Chock, so if you already own a Sport Chock, just purchase the MX Shoes to adapt to narrower tires.

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